Innovative pressure sensitive textiles
alphafit’s innovative technical textiles are made of sensory filaments. For the first time it is now possible, thanks to this innovative filaments, to measure surface pressure on three-dimensional variable surfaces. The filament itself measures the pressure.

We have developed a textile system that works without the need of inserting any industrial sensors. This measurement system can be integrated into any textile.

Production is stunningly simple and can be done on a large variety of textile materials for many different applications.
With the pressure sensitive filament, special textiles can be produced for each and every part of the body such as the hands, feet, knees etc. Possible areas of application also include numerous industrial uses.


Prototype of the "Alpha-Seat"

Prototype of the “Alpha-Seat”

Pressure measurement on small surfaces

Custom adaptation of a bicycle seat will prevent headaches caused by malposition and allow long and pain-free cycling for professional as well as amateur athletes.

Surface pressure measurement: bicycle seat

The “Smart Sock”

Prototype of the “Smart Sock”: three-dimensional pressure measurement

Three-dimensional pressure measurement

Textile three-dimensional pressure measurement for all things foot-related.
The original idea was to develop a measurement tool for orthopaedic shoemakers in order to prevent sore feet in patients suffering from diabetic foot syndrome. Nowadays, possible applications include the areas of medicine and sports. Above all, this pressure sensory sock is perfect for custom-fitting ski boots.

Measurement mechanism


Textile pressure measurement all around the body

We are planning to develop pressure sensory textiles for all kinds of possible applications all around the human body. alphafit’s innovative technical textiles offer multiple possibilities for measurement from head to toe.

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