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The “Smart Sock”

3-dimensional pressure measurement

Innovative measurement technology

Our “Smart Sock” shows the recorded pressure distribution around the entire foot. This purely textile diagnostic measuring system of Alpha-Fit GmbH (Ltd.) expands the only plantar measuring pedographic systems available to date to a 3-dimensional capacity. Measuring leads and controls are merely textile. Therefore it is possible for this intelligent measuring device to gently and flexibly adapt to any shape of foot. The “Smart Sock” dynamically records pressure distribution around the whole foot whilst walking.


“Smart Sock” is applicable for orthopaedic shoe makers to manufacture custom fit shoes, preventing sore feet in patients with DFS (diabetic foot syndrome).


This pressure sensitive sock is also an excellent tool for fitting hard shoes like ski boots or football shoes.


Young children usually choose shoes by their looks, not their fit. With “Smart Sock” monitoring is now made possible.



Functional principle


New developments of the „smart sock“

At the Ortho&Reha trade fair in Leipzig (May 2012) we successfully demonstrated our entirely textile 3D pressure measuring system.


First Prototype of the “Smart Sock”
Current prototype of our “Smart Sock”

We estimate that within a year we will be able to supply our pressure sensitive “smart sock” firstly to orthopaedic shoe makers.

Pressure relieving orthopaedic shoe technology provides fundamental care for patients with DFS (diabetic foot syndrome).
Follow up examinations of patients with DFS, who have thus far been diagnosed with the widely distributed pedographic plantar pressure measuring systems, have shown that the extent of defects in other areas of the foot remained high. To prevent pressure sores on the upper foot, we can now utilize our measuring system “Smart Sock.”
The use of single individual pressure sensors within textile is costly, time consuming, laborious and also presents a hindrance to the measuring process, as the supply cables strain the fabric and limit the required textile elasticity.
To solve these problems we have developed a pressure sensitive fibre which, processed into a sock, detects the pressure distribution of the circumference of the entire foot in motion.

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