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alphafit’s innovative technical textiles are made of sensory filament. These new filaments open up the possibility of measuring pressure using only the fabric itself without the need to include any industrial sensors.

The filament itself measures the pressure!



Pressure range: up to 2 Kg / cm²

Connectivity:   wired USB connection
                       (LAN / network connection is possible)

Sampling rate:      40Hz

Compatible with every standard PC or laptop.


The pressure-sensitive mat alphamat is an all textile system for measuring pressure distribution. More than 1000 textile pressure sensors on an area of 70 cm x 145 cm create an image of the pressure distribution of a body in a recumbent position.

This all textile measurement system fits itself to the contours of the lying body in a smooth and flexible manner, just as wearable clothes. It then displays the pressure distribution of the body in a recumbent position and measures the relative pressure level.

Due to its precise and customisable fit, a textile measurement system is the only solution that will in the long term provide accurate results for all possible body measurements.

The alphamat system activates 1000 purely textile sensor points in a column-row-matrix. Every single point is registered and assessed individually. The product was launched in 2013/2014.


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