About our company – Alpha-Fit GmbH

alphafit develops and produces functional intelligent textiles (F i t) for pressure measurement. The filament itself measures the pressure. These innovative textiles can be used as an instrument for measuring or diagnosing in a number of different areas such as medicine, orthopaedics, sports and technology.

The company Alpha-Fit GmbH (Ltd.) was founded in 2005 by a physicist, a medical scientist and a philosopher. They had a very simple idea: Developing a textile system that would help patients suffering from diabetes to find perfectly fitting shoes. They wanted to develop a tool for orthopaedic shoemakers with which they would be able to perfectly craft such shoes, since patients suffering from diabetes often have numb feet. A sock that would be able to measure the pressure all around the foot while walking has not been invented up to this date. The technology is challenging. A simple sock is to be converted into a textile that – from a technological perspective – is most complex.
Most stages of the development of the pressure sensory sock – the “smart sock project” - have been completed by now.

Objective: medical technology products
Textile pressure measurement lends itself perfectly to medical uses. Textiles are flexible and can be smoothly fitted to the body even in movement. Therefore, alphafit’s new pressure measurement system with its textile technology is a perfect tool for numerous clinical uses. It is our aim to develop products that will enhance treatment and diagnosis.We are helping patients, doctors and therapists.


Textile sensor systems: useful for many purposes
There are numerous possible areas of application for our all-textile pressure sensor systems apart from the medical field. We are providing a response to the need for visualizing the pressure distribution of the body in a recumbent position when buying a mattress.
Our pressure sensory mattress cover - alphamat - with which the pressure distribution of lying bodies can be measured was launched in 2013/2014.

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