The Team

Manager / Co-founder

Peter Maria Bajorat

Philosopher and specialist in German Studies


Born in 1956


Educational background
Philosophy and German Studies at Munich, Berlin and Innsbruck Universities
Diploma (Magister Artium) in Philosophy at Munich School of Philosophy and in German Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich
At the same time: work as a student assistant for financial planning and controlling at the then subsidiary MAN/N(eue) T(echnologie) in Dachau.


Previous positions
Responsible for fundraising and donation management as well as internal coordination and IT management at the humanitarian aid organization „Ärzte für die Dritte Welt – German Doctors“  e.V. in Frankfurt
Still working as an advisory to the organization


Foundation of Alpha-Fit GmbH (Ltd.)
Preparation (2003-2005) and foundation (2005) of Alpha-Fit GmbH (Ltd.), together with the medical scientist Prof. Dr. med. Hermann von Lilienfeld-Toal and the physicist Jean-Michel Asfour (


Email: pmb(at)


Head of medical and medical technology development / Co-founder

Prof. Dr. med. Hermann von Lilienfeld-Toal

Pensioner. Former head of the medical clinic of the municipal hospital in Gelnhausen (Kreiskrankenhauses Gelnhausen) an academic teaching hospital associated with the University of Frankfurt
Still acting as head of the clinical-chemical laboratory
Deputy chairman of the German diabetes federation Deutschen Diabetiker Bundes


Born in 1943


Educational background
Medical specialist in internal medicine (endocrinology and gastroenterology)
Postdoctoral lecture qualification
Awarded the title of “DDG Diabetologist” by the DDG (German diabetes association)


Previous Positions
Head of the medical clinic of the municipal hospital in Gelnhausen
Associate Professor at the University of Bonn
Authored more than 100 academic publications and participated in numerous scientific conferences as a speaker
Holds several patents, partly international ones


Email: hlt(at)


Applied Research 
Non-invasive blood sugar measurement




Alexandra Baum



Born in 1975


Educational background
Degree in fashion design at HAW Hamburg
2001: thesis on recyclable textiles


Previous positionsParticipation as a research assistant in an interdisciplinary research project (on organic textiles in the mass market) at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover


2003: foundation of the company novanex – services for the intersection of industry, research and marketing – external product development and product management with a special focus on technical textiles / smart textiles for customers from a wide range of industries


Email: baum(at)



Head of Research and Development

Benjamin Bajorat

Email: info(at)



Elke Bajorat

Elke Bajorat
German-born Australian


Sports therapist, personal trainer


Born in 1959


Educational background
Degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy at the Australian Institute of Education and Training


Previous positions
Founder of a training and coaching agency for managers, companies and patients
Work as a trainer and coach in various training facilities in Western Australia


Email: info(at)


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